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Upload your invoices (A/R) or link your data to our online platform.

Risk as a Service

Key risk indicators about your business are generated : You make risk-aware business decisions.


Create elegant dashboards to analyze your business risks. Share them easily with your team.

Business Growth

Make strategical decisions to grow your business.

Some of our Key Features

We provide you with the best tools to assess your company risk profile. We help you in your business decision process.


Easily view the cash impacts of an economic scenario on your business. Analytic possibilities are endless.


Slick graphics speak better than lengthy reports. You can easily comment and share your dashboards.


Upload your accounts receivables. Your dashboards are automaticaly generated with your key risk indicators.


Your data and your dashboards are available from everywhere on all devices. Our design is fully responsive.


We take the security of your data very (very) seriously. We are compliant with ISO 28000/2007.


Team members can work together efficiently on the same set of data thanks to our workflow.


We gather credit information and market data from the top ten international databases.

1 000 000

This is the minimum number of simulations we run on our analytic models.


It takes less than sixty seconds to generate your company risk dashboards.


Our team of experts has more than 10 years experience in corporate and financial risk management.

Join the Risk Management Revolution

Onboard the Risk Revolution and Grow your business. Make business decisions: Risk Aware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask us anything about risks. We'll be happy to answer any question.

Doing business whether locally or internationaly requires a good knowledge of your market but also a deep understanding of your customers financial environment. Both can have an impact on your business.
Yes. Whether it is in the form of insurance or invoice factoring, Qwantile can handle every type of financial risk mitigation to provide a holisitic view of your company risk profile.
Our SaaS solution is fully compliant with the international standard ISO 28000/2007. We can also implement Qwantile within your IT architecture.
Qwantile risk solution is upgraded for all our clients for no money everytime a new release is ready to be deployed. This is part of our commitment to deliver the best customer service possible.